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We also provide film and photography services for advertising, hotel and restaurant promotions, individual portraiture, weddings and more. 



Carl McLarty is bicultural American photographer and video producer who grew up in Washington State and attended UCLA. In 2003 Carl started working at Smashbox Studios, home of popular TV show America's Next Top Model. There he learned still photography from world famous photographers including Annie Leibovitz. Carl later worked for Getty Images in 2007 and produced photo shoots for Chinese Olympic athletes such as Yao Ming Guo Jingjing and Liu Xiang. In 2008 McLarty began to shoot photos for top creative agencies shooting movie posters for Hollywood movies in Los Angeles.

Film and Video

Carl began working in China film production as a translator for the Dream works production "The Kite Runner" in 2006. Later Carl worked as a still photographer and eventually as a DP (director of photography) for Chinese film productions. He has filmed  and produced a variety of projects including: movies, micro films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, restaurant promos, mobile app online viral advertisements, actor promos, and short films.  After several years of film production experience Carl has collected a roster of crew members including, writers, cameramen, soundmen, gaffers, editors, music composers, voice actors, Chinese actors, western actors and models .


McLarty has photographed former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Oscar winning movie The Hurt Locker movie poster, and numerous actors, dancers, musicians, chefs, and business leaders. Carl’s client list includes Disney, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros, Johns Hopkins University, Base-fx, The Travel Channel, Hainan Airlines, Harpers Bazaar, Hush Puppies, Migas, Miiow, Rock Forward Entertainment, Sohu, Towords and Vow.

Movie posters Carl has contributed photography for

Blindness, The Book of Eli, Legend of the Guardians, Ninja Assassin, Orphan, Red Riding, Rock n' Rolla, Sherlock Holmes, Speed Racer, Somewhere, The Greatest, The Joneses, The Kids Are All Right, The Runaways, The September Issue, and The Wackness.